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Talktofridays – After a hectic week of work, you just want to relax and have some good food on Friday. You always want to start your weekend with some delicious food and good vibes.



Well, T.G.I. Friday is just for that and just imagine how you would feel if you get an exclusive discount coupon from T.G.I. Yes, to make your weekend a lit one, take the official talktofridays survey. This survey can be quickly done in the comfort of your home. To get the exclusive you have to complete the survey by answering some simple questions and following some rules, thereby winning an exclusive discount coupon.

Through this post, the main idea is to guide you  through.

  • Coupon details
  • What are the requirements for the talktofridays survey?
  • What are the rules and regulations for talktofriday?
  • How to complete the talktofridays survey?
  • About T.G.I.
  • Contact Details

Before we move ahead on how to complete the talktofridays survey, let us understand what the survey prize waiting for you is.

Coupon details or Survey Prize

  • You will win an exclusive discount coupon which you can redeem at your nearest visit to Friday’s store.
  • The coupon varies according to your receipt, so its better if you look through the receipt in details.

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What are the requirements for the talktofridays survey?

For taking the survey you would require certain things, so let’s go through them in details.

  • You should at least possess a basic understanding of either English or Spanish as the survey can be taken in only these two languages.
  • To connect to the survey portal, you would need an electronic device like a laptop, P.C., computer or mobile phone.
  • It can be taken online, so make sure you have the necessary reliable internet connection.
  • A purchase is mandatory for taking the survey, so after you purchase, make sure you keep the purchase receipt safely.
  • You definitely want a discount coupon, so make sure you have an Email ID that works. If you don’t have one, make sure you create one before taking the survey.

Now you have the necessary elements for taking the survey, so let us check some basic rules and regulations.

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What are the rules and regulations for talktofridays survey?

Let us check some basic rules and regulations for taking the talktofridays survey.

  • A major’s opinion is generally considered for the survey, so you need to be 18 or above to take the survey.
  • The purchase receipt retains its validity for 48 hours, so make sure that you take the survey within the requisite time.
  • No T.G.I Friday’s employee or their immediate family members are eligible to take the survey.
  • The survey is valid at select T.G.I. Friday’s locations
  • If you are a resident of the USA you are eligible to take the survey.

Now let’s check how to take the survey.

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How to take the talktofridays survey?

  • For that, you have to first eat at any of your nearest T.G.I Friday’s store. Make sure you keep the purchase receipt safely.
  • Now you have to visit the official T.G.I Friday’s Satisfaction Survey website. You can either type talktofridays on your search engine or click on this link
  • Then fill all the necessary information like the T.G.I Friday’s survey code and the time. You will find it easily on your receipt. Now click on the survey button.
  • Answer the essential questions. Try to provide your feedback genuinely as it plays a vital part to improve their services.
  • Now you will receive the validation code. Note it down carefully.
  • Carry the receipt and the validation code to your next visit to Friday’s restaurant and enjoy some munching delight.

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Before you go on to take the survey, make yourself aware of some interesting facts

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About T.G.I. Friday

It is a leading American restaurant chain based in Dallas, Texas. TriArtisan Capital currently owns it. But initially, it was owned by Stillman partners. It was in 1965 that Alan Stillman and Daniel R. Scoggin started the first restaurant. Well may seem a joke, but Alan Stillman was a lady’s man, but all his neighbours were men, so he thought of creating a cocktail bar to interact with ladies. It was initially named Good Tavern, but it was changed later to “Thank God  for its Friday”, and since then T.G.I. has been leading the game.

So, if you are still facing any doubts  related to the survey, you can contact T.G.I.

Contact Details

You can contact them via

Phone Number: 1 (800) 374-3297

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