Regions Bank Routing Number – What is my routing/transit number?

Regions Bank Routing Number – America’s one of the most popular financial holding companies is the Regions Bank. They provide various types of financial services & support in the United States. Among their various services, the bank also runs a wire transfer facility in the US. With the help of this, now you can send your money to your dear ones within a second. 

For using this service you should need a simple code. It is popularly known as bank transit number or routing number, which is vital for making any bank payment. This unique nine-digit code has many benefits.

Regions Bank Routing Number

To know more details about the Regions Bank routing number, you have to read this post. Here you’ll receive some important information regarding the Regions Bank routing number in a larger aspect. 

Therefore, without wasting time, let us begin.

How to Locate your Regions Bank Routing Number?

Regions Bank uses different routing numbers for each branch working in the United States. You can easily locate them in various ways. It is consists of a nine-digit number which determines the bank’s particular location where you desire to send or receive payment. 

We are highlighting here some of the easiest steps to locate your Regions Bank Routing Number.

Have a look –

  1. Going to the Regions Bank’s official portal.
  2. By Checkbook Method.
  3. Calling the Regions Bank Customer Helpdesk.
  4. You can also get your Regions Bank Routing Number by visiting the Federal Reserve Bank’s (Fedwire) official portal.

Below we have discussed the above four methods in detail for your assistance. Please take a look and choose any of the above methods to know your desired routing number.

Regions Bank Routing Number Find Online

Locating the Regions Bank routing number online is very easy and simple. To know more about the steps let’s make a read –

  • Visit the official Regions Bank portal at
  • Now go to the ‘Help & Support’ option.
  • There under the Routing Number section you’ll find your Regions Bank routing number easily.
  • You can also locate your Regions Bank routing number if you have an online banking account at your branch. In this case you can locate it from your account section on the portal. 

Regions Bank Routing Number Find by Checkbook

Checkbook routing number finding is one of the easiest ways if you have one. This needs a latest Regions Bank issued checkbook. To know your branch routing number, open any page on it. 

Now if you closely observe the page, a series of numbers you’ll see printed on the bottom left corner. Here the first nine-digit number is your Regions Bank routing number. Kindly copy it correctly for your next wire transfer.

Regions Bank Routing Number Customer Care Helpdesk

By calling the Regions Bank help desk you can also get your respective branch’s routing number. The service number is 800-734-4667. Call them on any business days between 6 A.M to 7 P.M CST, the representative will ask you some easy questions to verify your identity. Once you pass the verification, he will support you with the branch specific routing number.

Regions Bank Routing Number by Fedwire Portal

You can even look up your Regions Bank Routing Number by going to the Federal Reserve Bank’s official portal available at After reaching the portal, enter the bank name on the search bar and click on the search icon. Soon you’ll get the updated list of the Regions Bank Routing Number which we illustrated below in this article.

Regions Bank Routing Number Benefits

Regions Bank routing number has a deep importance for the financial transactions across the United States and around the globe. Using their routing number there are lots of options available to do. 

Check them out –

  • You can make Wire Transfer or ACH payments instantly in the US anytime.
  • Regions Bank also provides international Wire payments through this system.
  • You can make check payments anywhere.
  • Your Regions Bank account can be used as automatic bill payment, direct deposit system using your bank Routing Number.
  • Making payment using Paypal is also possible.
  • The routing number payment system is fast and secure.

Regions Bank Routing Number Find by State

Finding the Regions Bank Routing Number is very easy if you search them by state. Below we have prepared a list for your assistance. 

For more details, please look at the table.

Region Bank Routing Number
State Routing Number
Arkansas 082000109
Alabama 062000019
Florida 063104668
Georgia 061101375
Illinois 071122661
Indiana 074014213
Kentucky 083901744
Lowa 073900438
Louisiana 065403626
Missouri 081001387
Mississippi 065305436
South Carolina 053201814
North Carolina 053012029
Texas 111900785
Tennessee 064000017
Virginia 051009296

You can notice above that each of the state branch offices has their unique identification number. If you want to send or receive money using the Region Bank branch then you have to use the correct routing number from the above list in order to transfer it to the right account.

Wire Transfer Charges for Regions Bank

Transferring money through Wire Transfer is not free at all, rather you have to pay some minimal charges for the transfer. It is applicable for both the domestic and international transfer using the bank’s routing number. 

Here is the breakdown of charges –

Wire Transfers Tariffs Incoming Transaction Outgoing Transaction
Domestic $15 $20
International $18 $45

While paying the transaction charges, you should have to be very careful about the routing number. Providing the wrong routing number will address your fund to some unknown account that results in the complete loss of your payment. And it is non-refundable.

Bottom Line

This was all about the Regions Bank routing number. A bank’s routing number has many benefits from money transfer to receive some immediate payment in an instant. 

In this article, hope you have got some vital information regarding the Regions Bank routing number. For any further details, please tell us in the comment section below. 

We’ll try our best to solve your problem as early as possible.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all the Regions Bank have the same routing number?

Ans: No, sir. It completely depends upon the state where you opened your savings account or the Regions Bank branch state where you try to send your payment. 

  • Can I use my Regions Bank routing number for tax return?

Ans: Yes, you can also use it coupled with your Regions Bank account to receive tax return amount.

  • What is the SWIFT Code for Regions Bank abroad payments?

Ans: The SWIFT Code for Regions Bank international payments is – UPNBUS44.

  • What is a Bank Transit Number?

Ans: Routing number is also known by various names in the US such as – ABA number, RTN or Bank Transit Number.

  • Do I need to use any routing number for card payment?

Ans: No, sir. Using a card for making any kind of payment should not require any routing number.

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