– Survey Prize – Panda Express Survey – Hey folks, you scream, and we, too, scream for Chinese. Imagine a free entrée Chinese preparation with your regular meal. Well, Panda Express has brought this fantastic opportunity. – Survey Prize

Just by taking the Panda Express survey, you can win a free entrée dish with the purchase of 2 meals. Our purpose is to guide you how you can actually get the free delicious entrée dish by completing the survey effectively. Through this post, the following details will be discussed.

  • Survey Prize Details
  • What are the rules and eligibility criteria that you need to follow?
  • What are the requirements for taking the survey?
  • How to complete the survey?
  • About Panda Express
  • Contact Details

Before you complete the survey, let us understand the survey prize details.

Survey Prize Details

There are twin benefits to completing the survey.

  • You can get the opportunity to win a free entrée dish with the purchase of two entrée dishes.
  • Other than this, if there is any other offer that is printed on the receipt, you will be entitled to that.
  • Through your improved feedback, it will help Panda Express to improve their products and services.

To win the exclusive survey prizes, you need to follow some basic rules and eligibility criteria, so let us check it out.

Panda Express Canada

What Are the Rules and Eligibility Criteria That You Need to Follow?

  • The purchase receipt that you get after eating at Panda Express is valid for two days, so make sure you complete the survey within the requisite time.
  • Guess what? The survey can be taken several times as you want so you can definitely win a lot of prizes.
  • The coupon that you will receive is for one person per purchase.
  • You can’t redeem this coupon for cash.
  • A major’s opinion is considered, so you have to be 18 or above to take the survey.
  • If you are working in Panda Express, unfortunately, you can’t enter the survey.
  • Are you a resident of the USA? If so, then only you will be eligible to take the survey.

Since you are eligible to take the survey, let’s get to know some essential elements, you will require to take the survey.

Panda Express Deals

What Are the Requirements for Taking the Survey?

Some of the basic requirements for taking the survey are

  • Before taking the receipt, you must have the purchase receipt; otherwise, you can’t enter the survey.
  • An open internet access is required for connecting to the survey portal.
  • To connect to the survey portal, you will be also be required to have an electronic device, which can be your mobile or laptop, etc.
  • In order to complete the survey successfully, you would need about five to ten minutes, so make sure you have the requisite time.
  • Do you possess a valid Email ID? If no then make sure you have one before taking the survey.

Now let’s learn how to complete the survey effectively.

Panda Express Order Online

How to Complete the Survey

Currently, there are two methods for completing the survey.

Online Mode

  • For this, purchase something from your nearest local Panda Express.
  • Make sure you keep the purchase receipt safely.
  • Then within 2 days, make sure you take the survey online. In order to take the survey now you can click on this link
  • On landing on their home page, you will be asked to enter the 22 digit survey code, which will be printed on your receipt, and you will easily find it.
  • Now there will be a red button named “Start” click on it.
  • A series of questions will appear in front of you; answer it honestly as it plays an essential part in their feedback process.
  • At last, provide your contact details, and you are done.
  • Now you are done, so note the coupon code carefully.
  • On your next visit to the Panda Express store, bring the validation code and purchase receipt, and enjoy a free meal.

Panda Express Near Me

Enter via Phone

  • For this, purchase something from your nearest local Panda Express.
  • Keep the purchase receipt handy for calling the survey hotline.
  • Now call the hotline number at 1-888-21-PANDA(72632)
  • Then you have to answer some questions that will be asked on the phone.
  • At the end of your call, you will receive a validation code.
  • Voila! you are done, now you can quickly redeem this code at your next purchase At Panda express

So now, let’s get to learn more about our favorite restaurant.

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About Panda Express

Currently, Panda Express is the most popular Chinese restaurant in America. It is actually the only major Asian section restaurant chain in the USA. It is headquartered in California. It has about 2200 restaurants in about 49 states of the USA alone. Its special delicacies are Sweet Fire Chicken Breast, Beijing Beef, and the delicious orange chicken.

If you face any doubts while completing the survey of Panda Express, you can contact them via

Contact Details

Phone: 1-800-877-8988 or 626-799-9898

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