Card ActivationCredit CardMaster Card – Get Reward – Credit Card Activation – Recently people have received the Citibank Shop Card, this page will help you with a simple activation process that you can do and receive benefits from the same. it is called the Citibank shop your way credit card. – Get Reward

Let us go to the activation process

If you have your card with you and don’t know how to use it then first you need to activate it.

To activate your shop your way card you will require your card number, security card, last four digits of SSN once you have all this information then you can follow the instructions below:

  • You have to visit the website www.
  • I will send you to the next page to activate your account for the cardholders
  • Here you will have to enter the following details
  • You will have to enter the card number in the first field
  • Then you have to enter the name as it appears on the card.
  • You have to enter the security code.
  • Lastly, you need to provide and enter the last four digits of the SSN
  • Click on the “verify” button.

This is the registration process of your card with the online method, now you have to create your login credentials,

  • Create your user id and password
  • Set up your security protocols.

When you want to access your account you can at that time bypass the web portal and simply visit the enter your login information

Always remember to change your password in a couple of months for your safety.

An overview of some of the benefits

  • Here are some of the benefits that you get through this card that are:
  • If you spend $50 or more on eligible purchases, within the first 30 days$ 40 statement credit.
  • This offer is valid for only open accounts
  • If you do eligible purchases in gas stations then you will get 5% on your waypoints
  • You also add 3% shop your waypoints if you dine in restaurants and on purchases in grocery stores
  • You are also eligible for 2% shop your waypoints in sears and Kmart stores.
  • You will get a 1% shop your waypoints on all other eligible purchases.

Shop your way MasterCard fees and rate

Let us understand the rate

For any purchase, your APR will be 25.24% depending on your market based Prime rates

The APR for balance transfer will be 25.24 % this will be dependent on your creditworthiness

The APR for cash advance will be 27.15%


  • The best part of this card is that you do not have to pay any Annual fees
  • Balance transfer fees are $ 10 or 5% of the amount each time you transfer
  • You will have to pay$ 5 of 5% amount which is the cash advance fee
  • Late fee payment goes up to $ 40.

You can also apply for shop your way MasterCard

There is a simple method to apply for this card

You have to go online visit the website

Here you will get the details that you would need to fill in

For the payment of shop your way MasterCard you can make an online payment at, or

You can also pay by mail

Shop your way credit card payments

PO Box 7802 4

Phoenix, AZ 850 62- 8024

If you want to urgently make an overnight payment then the funds also can be sent to this address:

Consumer Payment Department

6716-grade lane

Building number 9, suite 910

Louisville KY 40213.

About shop your way MasterCard

The bank has issued the shop your way MasterCard and has rewards attached to this card used by Sears and Kmart Shoppers. You can earn shop your waypoints with nominal spending by using this card in various outlets. The points can also be used for any future purchases for Sears and Kmart shop. Customer support

For any queries related to this card or any technical support required you can call

Technical support- 1- 877- 254- 8073

Additional phone numbers 1- 877- 816- 9063 24/7 assistance

TDD / TTY these numbers are for hearing impaired assistance


Outside the US Canada and Porto Rico, you can call 502- 522- 1600.

You can also drop a mail to: general inquiries PO Boss 6282

Sioux Falls SD 57117.

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This card is very suitable for:

Rewards: it helps to maximize points or miles earning through different categories of spending is MasterCard. It is best for someone regular at shopping at Sears and Kmart for their everyday purchases. It is very good for loyal customers of Sears and Kmart, it is good for groceries and gas spending. This card is also good for people who are looking for awards at a future time in Sears and Kmart like a travel credit or a statement credit. it is very easy to save a decent amount depending on how much you spend per day by earning a percentage which comes back as points.

Frequency in dining: a person who frequently dines out regularly in your home city or is traveling and spending out a lot on food this is a good card especially for you who spend a lot on food.

Household purchases: this is a very genuine card for daily spending on groceries where a person can take advantage of the percentage points and save a lot of money which may be spent daily.

Rewards Redemption:

Let’s have a quick look at how to redeem the points. Simply, there is one option that is a call to your MasterCard account you can see much merchandise available, choose any 2 redeem your points. The options are available right from paper Towers to heavy equipment, appliances, and electronic gadgets.


The shop your way MasterCard is an excellent card it gives a 5% reward rate on gas purchases which makes it one of the most suitable cards as a gas card. This card gives exclusive coupons through this shop your way program, and it can easily be accessed on an online and mobile account, it has no chances of fraud and zero liability.

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